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Affiliate program

Affiliate Program is designed for our users who want to earn more profits by recommending cryptocurrency exchanges on our platform xChange.me.


from exchange fees made by user's referrals. The exchange fee at xChange.me is equal to 0.5% of the total amount being exchanged by non-EXCC holders and 0.25% by EXCC holders.

Your profit

is stored as bitcoins that can be withdrawn at any time.




3 steps to start using Affiliate Program:

Step 1: Create or log into an account on xchange.me.

If you are new to the platform, simply go to xChange.me, create an account in a few seconds with your email and password. No confirmation needed. If you are already a customer, login to your account.

Step 2: Start sharing your unique link.

Go to Affiliate Tab, In Your referrals, you will find a list of recent transactions made by your referrals and a link to share with your network. To make it safe for use, the link might be encrypted (anonymize) or decrypted (display your email address). It’s up to you which link you decide to use - both are unique and will count a transaction for you.

Once you have your link, start sharing it directly with people who are interested in using xChange.me or through the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, online forums, etc. Every time your referral makes an exchange on the platform you earn a profit.

Step 3: Monitor your profits and transactions

Your referrals tab gives you a full overview of your referrals, and the profits you have made. By using simple analytics, you can monitor the networks that have been earning you more bonuses and the value of Bitcoins earned.


If you encounter any problem, our team is always available through the support ticket system or on social media.