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What is Xchange.me?

Xchange.me is a modern cryptocurrency exchange software that offers fast, secure and cheap cryptocoins exchanges through a process which does not require registration with several exchanges before you can get the best rates. As an exchanger, we are going through many exchanges looking for the best exchange rates for you. Watch this short tutorial to familiarize yourself with our exchange services >>

Will my data be protected? Is it safe to use your site?

On our cryptocurrency exchange platform, anonymous transactions are permitted without the need to register or go through any verification process. If you decide to register with us, we will only request for an email address which will be used to login to the site. We will also send you relevant notification from our system, and occasionally the newsletter to update you on the latest news from the website. Your password is encrypted and sealed. Only you can have access to your password. In addition, we use advanced DDoS protection in combination with the most secure custom script which has been tested by several auditing companies and vetted as an entirely safe product to manage.

Is it mandatory that I must register to exchange cryptocurrencies?

The exchange transactions can be done without registration; however, there are advantages of being a registered member such as the privilege of participating in the affiliate program, and access to discount and “no charge” transactions.

Are there any specific charges for your services?

Registration is free. Xchange.me charges 1% as a transaction fee when the customer buys new crypto coins through our cryptocurrency exchange service. Additionally you can see the total cost of the transaction while exchanging, there are no hidden costs.

How does it work?

Xchange.me purchases the cryptocurrency of your choice at the best possible rate and sends this value to your wallet. How? We are exploring numerous of cryptocurrency exchanges to find the best rates for your transactions. You can exchange more than 200 cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Groestlicoin, Cardano, and Altcoin) using Xchange.me. For more details check the “How it works” page and watch this video >>

Why are Xchange.me rates not fixed?

The cryptocurrency market is an extraordinarily dynamic market, and the prices are known to fluctuate by varying percentages within minutes. This is why the exchange price which is displayed is not guaranteed because it may change during the transaction time.

What is a wallet address?

The cryptocurrency wallet is a unique digital store where you can keep your cryptocurrencies. The wallet addresses are unique; they consist of a randomly generated set of numbers and letters. A wallet address is a digital safe where received coins are stored.

What is the recipient’s address?

Every transaction is done between a sender and a receiver. The recipient's address is the address you have provided to us; we will send your newly exchanged cryptocurrency to this address.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts of cryptocurrency I can buy?

The maximum and minimum values that can be exchanged for each trading pair of cryptocurrencies varies. The values may frequently change due to the crypto market demand.

Can I cancel a transaction that has already been initiated?

It is not possible to abort blockchain transactions. Once you have placed an order, you have consented to the T&C. We strongly advise that you check all the relevant details before proceeding with the deal and sending your cryptocurrency.

Why is the amount I have received differently from what is displayed?

Each cryptocurrency transaction is done based on blockchain confirmations (this might take as long as ten minutes or longer in some cases). Considering the volatile nature of the market, this waiting time is crucial, because price fluctuations may occur causing the final price of purchased cryptocoins to be different. We always advise that our customers should pay fair mining fees to speed up exchange transactions.

Why haven’t I received my crypto coins yet after making my payment?

This might have happened for a few reasons such as:
- Your payment may be delayed in the blockchain awaiting confirmation. In this case, you can increase your transaction fee if this operation is permitted by your wallet. You can also send us the transaction TX, and we will assist at our end.
- Delays could be caused by other issues. Our system is very reliable; however, we might encounter some errors. If you think there is an issue with the transaction, don’t hesitate to contact us via our Support Center >>.

I haven’t received my new coins, what should I do?

If you are a registered user of Xchange.me, please check your transaction history to find out the status of your purchase. If the transaction is not completed after the expected time, we advise that you contact us by issuing a support ticket via our Support Center >>.

What is EXCC?

ExchangeCoin is a cryptocurrency coin which was launched to support the development of the blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange in which EXCC will also play a significant role. EXCC holders stand to gain benefits on the platform by taking advantage of lower exchange fees as well as exchanges for which no fees are charged. These provisions are available on our new exchanger at Xchange.me. The project has a solid foundation backed up by innovative plans which will benefit all holders of the EXCC coins in the long-term.

How to earn discounted transaction fees

If you are registered user of Xchange.me, you can apply for 50% exchange fee discount at Xchange.me, while transferring your EXCC to our desktop wallet - Exilibrium. Read more here >>.

How does the affiliate program work?

You can earn money by recommending the Xchange.me exchange services. When you register with us, you will receive an invitation link that can be shared with other people. If new users register on Xchange.me through yours referral link, they become your referrals. What does it mean? Each time someone will register using your referral link you will get the reward - 50% of the exchange fees which is received from exchanges done by the yours’ referrals. Read more on our “Affiliate program” page or watch the video tutorial >>.

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