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Privacy Policy

§1 Introduction

  1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) contains a detailed explanation of the processes undertaken by Xartis LTD established and registered on the territory of Marshall Islands, under number 96519, with registered office at Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, MH96960, Majuro, Marshall Islands.

  2. All expressions written in capital letters in this Policy will be defined in the Terms and Conditions which users can find at https://xchange.me/exchanger/terms

  3. The Policy will be binding on all users on 1st March 2018.

  4. The Operator reserves the right to modify the Policy and subsequently posting the updated Policy on the platform while maintaining its application according to the terms indicated in the Terms and Conditions.

§2 Purpose and scope of User data processing

  1. The operator shall not request other personal information but a valid email address that will be used to log into the platform online and to receive notifications. Our website is regularly scanned on a daily basis to prevent security lapses and known vulnerabilities in view of making your visit as safe as possible. We have put in place high-grade DDoS protection. All data generated on our platform including members information is encrypted and sealed.

  2. To the personal information provided by every user will be processed only for the purpose and scope required for the conclusion and the implementation of the Account service agreement, and to:

  • Send notifications, respond to tickets and general communication;

  • Process orders and post information regarding updates;

  • Send you additional information related to your service.

§3 Provision of personal data

  1. A personal data filing system is used to manage all received personal data and it is stored on servers under proper protection provided by the hosting companies, based on agreements concluded with these companies, the Operator Full access to the data system is available only to the Operator employees with authorization (in writing) to process personal data.

  2. The Operator reserves the right to transfer or to make users’ information available to other service providers during processes aimed at improving the functionality of the platform including relevant software, storage and other technology including services for the use and functions of the Platform. This may require transferring information from users’ current location to Platform servers and other authorized service providers.

  3. Service providers are entitled to make use of every member’s personal data ONLY to the extent necessary to facilitate the services offered by the Platform.

§4 Entitlements

  1. Users are entitled to access and make corrections on their personal data and to obtain the following information from the Operator:

    1. the purpose, scope, and manner of processing personal data of Users within a given personal data filing system,

    2. the period during which the User data is processed in a given data filing system,

    3. the source of Users data,

    4. The recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are made available.

  2. In addition, at the Users request, the Operator will supplement, update and rectify personal data, as well as suspend (temporarily or permanently) use of this data or proceed to delete the data in cases where the User has provided incomplete, outdated, inaccurate information, or data has been collected in violation of legal provisions, or are no longer needed to accomplish the purpose for which they were collected.

  3. In order to exercise the rights stated in this paragraph, Users must send an appropriate request to the Operator at e-mail [email protected]

§5 Terms of personal data protection

  1. The Operator has ensured the establishment of an organizational and technical protocol to protect processing of personal data at all levels with proper attention paid to the risks and categories of data under protection. In particular, protective measures are aimed at securing Users personal data before any compromise or tampering by unauthorized persons, illegal modification, damage or destruction.

  2. Only persons authorized by the Operator due to their training qualifications in personal data protection have authorized access to process personal data in view of maintaining high-level confidentiality.

§6 Cookies Policy

  1. The Operator hereby declares that the Platform uses "cookies" (cookies).

  2. Cookies refer to data sent by the Platform server and stored as records on the Users device (for example on a computer hard disk, or phone).

  3. Data obtained by cookies will not reveal the identity of the User and third parties but gives the Operator access to determine Users browsing behavior and preferences on the Platform.

  4. On this platform, Operators use cookies to:

  1. ensure proper functioning of the Platform,

  2. statistical purposes,

  3. adapt the Platform to the User's preferences.

  1. The Operator may place both permanent and temporary files on devices used by Users or third parties.

  2. Upon closing the browser, all temporary files are usually deleted, but the non-permanent files will be retained on the device or computer.

  3. Temporary files are used to identify the User as “logged in.”

  4. Permanent files refer to files used for specific functions during a browsing session and while they are stored on the computer. Permanent files are used to collect information related to how the platform is used, including data about Users and third parties, visits to subpages, and possible error detection, monitoring the effectiveness of the Ads on the platform, enhancements by recording bugs, testing various platform stylistics variants, memorize User and third party settings based on their preferences, displaying indications showing users their login status on the platform.

  5. The Platform incorporates Google Analytics functions which require the use of cookies on Users and third-party devices in view of deriving statistics related to traffic on the platform and general trends regarding the usage of the Platform.

  6. At any time, the User may disable cookies stored by the Platform on their devices or computers in accordance with the manufacturers’ web browser instructions.

  7. It is also possible to block the functions of cookies on your device by applying the appropriate browser configuration; however, this action may limit the functionality of the Platform.

  8. The Operators server automatically saves data to the server's logs which provides information regarding the devices that Users have used to connect to the Platform, i.e. the type of device, and browser that has been used, the IP of the Users computer, date and time of login, text description of event and event qualification.

  9. Access to log files is restricted to persons authorized to administer the computer system.

  10. Log files can be used to compile statistics regarding traffic assessment on the Platform and errors which prevent the identification of Users on the Platform.

  11. The Operator uses the following analytical/statistical data only for statistical purposes: number frequency, and protecting the identity of the User while reserving the right to publish the statistics particularly during conferences, industry meetings and in the trade press.

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