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Keep personal information to yourself

Users, which are censored by their governments can try to use the TOR network. Our free Javascript onion mirror can be reached at http://xmxmrjoqo63c5notr2ds2t3pdpsg4ysqqe6e6uu2pycecmjs4ekzpmyd.onion. We honor every user’s right to privacy and refrain from hoarding any personal information, just bear in mind, that all assets that enter our exchange may be subject to review if the transaction is deemed anyhow suspicious by our compliance framework. CLI

We provide fully open API, therefore it is possible to make exchanges using terminal only. We strongly recommend systems like Tails or Whonix Workstation, which are designed to provide you the best anonymity.

Superb support

We do our best to help our customers within 12 hours timeframe. Including weekends and holidays. The fastest and most convenient way of reaching our support is to email at support[at]xchange[dot]me.


Over five years on the market without single complaint and thousands of well-served customers. Join the community on Telegram and meet our dedicated and the best community.

Privacy is the key

Protecting one's privacy is one of the most important aspects of online activity, as most websites try to harvest as much user data as possible. We are proud to say that doesn't collect any personal information without informed consent, or screen our users for any KYC-related data. We gather only the absolute minimum info to ensure the effective work of the exchanger.