Fees, confirmations, details

The xChange.me fees are simple and straight-forward – the fee is clearly visible during the exchange (also you can check the specific rates on the table below). Fixed rates are a thing of the past, and the approach we took ensures that every user receives the best possible exchange rate.

As various cryptocurrencies allow for different block times, the exchanges aren't instant. Please bear in mind that depending on the situation can take from 30 minutes up to a few hours in some extreme cases.

Coin name Exchange fee Minimum exchange amount Confirmations required
BTC 1% 0.001 1
ETH 2% 0.5 3
DASH 2% 0.5 3
ZEC 1.5% 0.5 3
XMR 1% 0.5 10
LTC 1.5% 0.5 2
KMD 1.5% 50 1